• What does it mean to join?

    Membership within a local congregation is open to all who are willing to repent of their sins and be baptized, professing faith in Jesus Christ as Lord, freely and knowingly assuming the vows of membership, and joining together with others in fellowship, witness, and service. 

  • How can I join?

    Just reach out to our pastor and have a conversation. You can talk about your Spiritual journey and how you fit into the life and ministry of the church.

  • What if I'm a member of another church?

    If you are currently a member of another church, our pastor can send a request for a transfer from another denomination. A period of discernment is required to determine the theological similarities and differences between another denomination and the Global Methodist Church.

  • What if I watch online but wish to join?

    One of the things that need to be determined is what is the reason for having an online relationship. Is it because you are physically unable to participate in the life of the church in person? Or, are there other issues that drive your decision to just participate online? This can be discussed when you meet with the pastor.

  • I'd like to join. What's the next step?

    The best thing that you can do is to click the button below and tell the pastor that you are interested in exploring the notion of joining Lake Houston Methodist Church.